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Thank You To The Following Community Members Who Joined Our Dues Campaign This Year!

Abeeluck, Jugdiswar

Alexeas, Panagiotis and Suzanne

Amato, Carl and Anna Zummo

Anatra, Catherine

Aristilde, Ted and Daphne

Aversa, Richard and Margaret

Bacigalupo, Dr. Joseph

Barbato, Michael

Barnett, Glenn and Mary

Barret, Theresa

Basile, Anthony

Bedell, Leila

Bernhard, Christine

Bezrutczyk, Paul and Elizabeth

Binkis, Tim and Barbara

Borgwald, Robert

Bowe, William and Karen

Breen, Daniel and Alva

Breen, George

Browne, Brian and Alice

Brutus, Valerie

Burke, Kyle and Farah-France Marcel

Burke, Michael and Thanh

Caldwell, Joseph

Calvo, Ralph and Christine

Cappell, Mary Jane

Carney, Jerome and Vilma

Casanova, Dr. Antonio and Marisol

Cassandra, Michael and Joan

Catapano, Joanne

Cedeno, Edward and Doreen

Chiafair, John and Elizabeth

Chiarello, Rick and Georgia

Chery, Francis

Chrobet, Michael and Hazel

Cina, Louis and Diane

Clarke, Angela

Coco, Peter and Deborah

Cole, Byars and Erin

Colica, Len and Christine

Collins, Sean and Dina

Corino, Joseph and Patricia

Corriss, Christopher

Cosgrove, Brian

Coughlin, Brendan

Crowell, Mary

Cuneo, Johnny and Nicole

Curry, Patrick and Suki

Curtis, Chip and Deirdre

D'Ambrosio, Michael and Josette

Daniels, Jeffery

DeBruyn, Steven

Dennis, Tishuan and Stacie Shannon

DeLay, Dennis and Laureen

DeRosa, Vincent and Rosemarie

DeVerna, Charles and Cynthia Craft

Dewey, William and Patricia

Diaz, Raul 

DiGiuseppe, Dr. Raymond and Dr. Roseanne Gotterbarn

Dorfman, Roseanne

Dougherty, Robert

Emerson, Ralph and Eve

Ernst, Steve and Margaret

Espey, Stephen and Veronica

Fallarino, Rosemary

Farrell, Timothy and Johanna

Fennell, William and Eileen

Fern, Robert and Arlene

Ferrante, Anthony and Joanne

Festa, James and Anne

Filomio, Gerard and Patricia

Francisque, Will and Tammie

Frawley, Timothy and Carol

Galante, Jerry and Loretta

Galantino, Isabel

Gallant, Donald and Lorraine

Genussa, Lawrence

Gil, Edwar and Carolina

Gooch, Thomas and Jane

Griffin, Brian and Janice

Grogan, Robert and Margaret

Guariglia, Anita

Haberkern, Kathleen

Harding, Michael and Maryann

Hauck, Thomas and Gregory

Heaney, Sean and Jill

Henry, Peter and Patricia

Herchenroder, John and Jayne

Herrmann, Arthur and Irene

Hertler, Dan and Kristen

Holloway, Kevin and Nancy

Ivce, Ante and Mirjana

Johansen, Mary

Jones, Ronald and Michele

Johnson, Carl and Patricia

Kaminsky, Mark and Ann

Kashimawo, Kazeem and Ashleigh

Kempel, Patricia

Khan, Mezan and Ijaz Mohamed

Kiernan, Frank and Ruthann

Kline, Ed and Eileen

Kollmeirer, Karsten and Michelle

Laguerre, Myrdith

Lai, Arthur and Liying Jin

Lalli, Anthony

Landi, Richard and Patricia

Lapham, Sean and Annemarie

LaRocca, Don and Michele

Lawrence, Francis and Laura

Lee, Gary and Liz

Lo, Paul

Lord, Kenneth and Olga Salizkiy

Lord, Russell and Lourdes Camacho

Lucano, Eve

Mackay, Chris

Madrid, Raul and Vanessa

Makris, Peter and Eleni

Mannix, Brian and Susanne

Mansfield, Thomas and Breanne

Marcoux, Pierrette

Martelli, Michael

Martin, Emil and Gloria

Maus, Vincent and Mary

Mayorga, Claudia

McAndrews, Timothy and Suzanne

McCabe, Sean and Christina

McCartney, James and Mary

McCleneghan, Martin

McCullough, Leon and Regina

McGonigle, Sean and Ryan

McGowan, Virginia

McShea, Christopher and Stephanie

McSherry, Leo and Tami

Melito, Robert

Miller, Dave and Grace

Miller, Scott and Amy

Minutoli, Lou and Eileen

Miskiewicz, Jim and Ginny Noonan

Morello, Peter and Maria

Morreale, Andrew and Nancy

Muller, Ed

Muller, Richard and Patricia

Musso, Antonino Jr.

Nardo, Leonard and Jean

Natale, Marlene

Nemeck, Linda

Nettleton, Thomas and Patricia

Nigro, Carmine and Trudi

Norton, Thomas and Rosalie

O'Brien, Patrick and Denise

O'Donoghue, Paul and Peggy

Okrosy, Keith

Oldenborg, Richard and Susan

Ollquist, Thomas and Mary

Pangallo, Lorraine

Peers, Eileen

Pepitone, John and Melissa

Perillo, Joseph and Julie

Petersen, Pete and Coleen

Petrou, Andreas and Kirby Cabrera

Pico, Anabel

Pignatelli, Vincent and Carol

Pignetti, John and Stephanie

Pisciotta, Jeanette

Polino, Stephen and June

Proscia, Cynthia

Pulis, David and Laura

Ramirez, Rene and Maria

Rantal, Cynthia

Reilly, Thomas and Colleen

Reiser, John and Louise

Riesterer, Karl

Rockensies, Ray and Mary

Rockensies, William and Terri

Rodriguez, Brian and Maureen Brady-Rodriguez with Kathryn Rosellon-Rodriguez

Rooney, Brendan and Kathleen

Rospide, Ralph and Rhonda

Rotondi, Phil and Connie

Rowe, Jim and Anne

Rubenstein, Jeffrey

Russo, Robert

Salvo, Nancy

Sammon, Catherine

Savarese, Andrew and Annette

Scarola, Leonard and Susan

Schindler, Rudolf and Loren

Schmidt, Jason and Jennifer

Schmidt, Juli

Seery, Richard

Siciliano, Timothy

Smith, Tom and Joy

Spiegel, Helen

Stalek, Rebecca

Suttmiller, Mike and Keri

Tannenbaum, Lester and Charlene

Tempesta, Richard and Nancy

Theodore, Christina

Todd, Chris and Regina

Tomitz, Michael and Christine

Torre, John and Kara

Torres, Andre and Meredith Wanzer

Trimmer, Thomas and Grace

Vanella, Joe and Antoinette

Varriale, Richard and Marylyn

Vaykovich, Tyler and Victoria

Ventura, Thomas and Desiree

Vogel, James and Eileen

VonElm, Lael and Laureen

Yar, Arshaad and Eva

Zaldivar, Jose and Victoria Loesch

Zaum, Amy

Zingone, Dan and Angela

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