Meet the Greve Family

161 Buckingham Road

Meet Hank and Jane Greve! Hank and Jane have been living in Cathedral Gardens, WH for the last 51 years.  The home was purchased initially in 1940 by Hanks parents, Henry and Margaret. When they decided to retire to the Hampton Bays in 1968, Jane and Hank bought the house and started their own family. They raised their 7 children Kathy, Mike, Peggy, Bill, Dan, Andy and Joe in the home. The kids all attended St. Thomas the Apostle school, and eventually all moved on to get married and start their own families. They now are proud to say that they have 15 grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Their son Bill stayed in the neighborhood to raise his children and still serves in the West Hempstead Fire Department. 

"Our children refer to West Hempstead as home, all these years later, even though they have moved away. It is a wonderful community to live and raise a family!"

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